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BT and Talk Talk increase line rental and call costs again!

BT has yet again hit millions of customers with its price increases of 6% this year. This is the fourth increase in just over two years, last years increases saw a 20% increase, in a period of just 18 months. The increases came just as households are struggling with the costs of the recent increase of energy prices. Along side BT, Talktalk also raised its line rental and call connection fee and we also saw prices being hiked by Virgin and Sky. With only one small increase planned for September 2013, Precise Telecom remains an economical alternative to the larger brands on the market. Precise Telecom is committed to providing a great value of service and always aim to be a cost effective solution.

How much can you save?

  Precise Telecom BT TalkTalk You save
Call Connection fee 9.5p 13.87p 13.87p
Line Rental per month £10.99 £15.45 £14.95

* Comparison with BT and Talk Talk, effective August 2013

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